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Monday, 30 January 2012


Wowzer!!! Met Tee at Auckland airport yesterday at 2.30pm our time - was amazing to see her after 30 hours travelling! We then had a major rush to get to the bike shop to dump my bike box (bike in perf condition thanks to B&W international bike case!!!!!!) Unfortunately, Kat emptied her pockets onto the floor and low and behold, she had NO KEY!! to get into her bike box... In a mad scramble, we used Tee's bobbypin to try and pick the lock, then in sheer desperation Tee tried to pry the lock off with a screwdriver.. The day was saved as Kat used her lock picking skills (done this before?) to undo the case.. BINGO! pop went the lock.. There was bike oil everywhere and we were sweating up a storm. Now to get the back wheel back on Kath's bike - the 'mechanic' in the bike shop was as much use as a choc fire guard - it would've been better if she had admitted her ZERObike maintenance skills, rather than pretending she knew exactly what to do and MASHING my chain set. ARRRGH!!!!!

Anyway, all set to get there, with time quickly running out we made our way back to the hotel and ordered a maxi taxi to Auckland main city to connect up with our bus.. 40min later we met our charming 'Naked' bus driver ( who was a little taken aback by 2 girls arriving with bikes and gear.. "Girls, where do you think these are going to go?!" later to tell us "I dont want your shitty bike oil all over my bags." We disembled the bikes yet again and packed them in to the almost empty bag space! Eventually made it to PaiHai 3.5hrs later and checked in at our hotel where we took the bikes up to sleep next to us. Kath had a much appreciated shower (thank god, she was starting to reek- haha i kid) and we conked out. Tee decided to wake me up at 3am with the sound of the kettle whirring as she realised she was thirsty and needed a cup of tea!!!...the water beside her would not suffice. I then thought it was time to go and started to get ready...only for Tee to break the news that I should just return to the land of nod, as we had hours before get up time!!! Glad to report that Kath's sleep talking behaviour has continued on from our Thailand days.. had a little conversation with her last night, and when mentioned this morning, she had no recollection.. Thinking I may have some fun with this ;) hahaha..

About to depart for the Cape - our official; start point, so, lots of love to all. We have both been laughing lots whilst writing should be an awesome trip! Kath & Tee xxxxxxxx


  1. Kath - I thought the mechanics at Wheelbase had taught you everything you needed to know about bikes?!?!?

    Tee - I think you need more than fruit on this one!!!

    Looking forward to hearing and reading all about this everyday - good luck girls - I know you'll make it with days to spare for a bit of sight-seeing!!!

  2. Can't believe you forgot the key to the bike box Kath!! Incredible!!

    Sounds like your already having a great time! Keep it up!! Enjoy the first day of riding girls!!

  3. Hi girls, so glad all is going well. Sounds like you're having a great time. Enjoy every minute of your brilliant adventure. It's just a normal monday morning here but a lovely sunny (cold) day! Not that i'm jealous or anything ha ha! Take care, happy pedalling and when it gets too much .... just think thighs of steel !!!! Love Jayxxxx

  4. Sounds like a brilliant expedition, wish I was there. Be careful and remember the sun cream xxx