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Saturday, 28 January 2012

In Auckland baby!

It's beautiful and sunny here in Auckland today! Had a great flight over and picked up my bike so I'm ready to roll!! So glad I upgraded a little and went with the Cannondale- it feels great to ride. Will take him (haven't decided on a name yet) out for a test ride tomorrow morning then pack up to meet Kat at the airport where we will take the bus into Auckland city. After her 25+ hr flight I'm sure Kat will love a comfy hotel bed for the night before we begin camping haha.. Looking forward to seeing my partner in crime and beginning our adventure!!  Fingers crossed for more of this amazing sunshine tomorrow :)



  1. Glad to hear you got there Tegan! Good luck!!

  2. What is it now 1hr to go until the lift to the Cape??? Amazing!!!
    Keep me updated on where you are, take loads of photo's and most of all, enjoy this ultimate adventure...happy pedalling!!!
    xxx xxx xxx xxx

  3. Hi all...yep, 40 mins until we get our final method of 'lazy transport' to the Cape!!! x x x x x Kath