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Progress so far!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day One (and a half)

We had an interesting journey to Cape Reinga yesterday. Left Paihia at 9am and had a very long journey to the top due to our very laidback driver- Marty from Cape Reinga adventures. Marty had a passion for possum collecting off the side of the road, he received $8 from his friend for every possum collected in order to make a wool blend- apparently the finest in the world. Much to our digust, he left them at his feet whilst driving with us in the front!! With a speedo permanently set at zero and rock n roll music blaring through the speakers, we knew we were in for an interesting ride! About 70km from the Cape, Marty broke the news that he was too tired to drive any further and that we had to take over!! Kath nobly took the wheel and got us to the Cape safely while Marty fell asleep on Tee's shoulder. We finally reached the top and bid Marty farewell, had our photos, did a last wee and began our journey!

Began cycling through breathtaking scenery- lush green hills that go on for eternity, not to mention undulating hills that also go on for eternity!! The sunshine is immense which makes the scenery even more glorious. Cows eyeing us off as we ride past their paddocks... Talking of paddocks, we stayed in a field near Hohoura last night. After trudging through chest high sticks and straw, we made it to the fence with our bikes, not realising this fence was electric until poor Kath got electrocuted (not just once- but she went back for more!!) We then realised the only way to camp in this field (which obviously wasnt meant to be camped in- but we were miles from an official campsite and it was past 8pm by this stage) was to limbo underneath and leave the bikes on the other side.

With tent pitched and sweaty gear remaining on, we collapsed in our sleeping bags with snacks. We fell asleep..till 3am, when Kath decided she desperately needed to wee, she tried to get out of the tent but was unsuccessful, and terrified of possums or creepy crawly went just next to Tee's feet (extra toasty!) in the porch of the tent! Tee couldnt find her water in the night and slightly disorientated, she began prodding Kath, who panicked thinking she was being attacked by a killer possum..

Woke up this morning at 6.30am (hadnt been trodden on by cows), packed  up the gear and set off at 7.40am.. Had a beautiful day riding, very hilly with the outstanding views making it all worthwhile. Just stopped into a nice little internet cafe while the sun is at its hottest. Have done well so far, heading to Kerikeri for the night, which will take us to around 130km.

So, it's bloody beautiful, extremely hilly, with amazing weather :)

Mum- we're slapping on the suncream don't worry!
Nathan- thank you for reading and commenting, you do make me laugh!
Mick- looks like my training regime finally paid off!!        \
Jay- can't wait to see you when I'm a lean mean cycling machine!
Andy G- i miss you endlessly and thinking about you lots. Love to you and Shona.. Im eating lots of bananas haha- T
Russ- if you are reading this please tell Ted I can't wait to see him

Loads of Love, Tee and Kath. xxxxx  


  1. Kath!! Electrocuted?? Official camp sites only PLEASE!!! Safety first!! And shades, hope you remembered them! Take care both of you. . . . And enjoy xxx

  2. Get on girls good start but you will need to cycle a bit faster! Kath too scared to get out of the tent - so girl y! Lycra pictures?

  3. Hi you two.Hope you're both sound asleep now, and not having another electrifying experience.The scenery sounds amazing, you're no doubt in for a lot more. Keep those legs churning around,because Jay will be checking up on you on your return.Have another great day - Ian x

  4. Electrocuted,... TWICE??! That takes some doing Baby!?! Did it not hurt enough the first time?

    130km covered, excellent, now that you've done your warm-up - Auckland is the target for the next overnight stop, all you have to do is pedal, right?!?!

    Enjoy the amazing vistas - I hope you are taking a ridiculous amount of photographs!

    (T - You may need a little more than just bananas!!!)

    Love you loads and miss you even more.

  5. ted's already discovered the stool in the corner of the conservatory where he can sit and watch, and bark at, the dogs that walk past the house, but i know he's also looking at every person and every car. he can't wait to see you again. russ x

  6. Urghh... I don't like the sound of having to travel with dead possoms! Well done on how much you have achieved so far. I hope your legs arn't too jellyfied Teagan! It so great to hear what you have been up to, take care on the next section. Miss you lots xxxxxxx

  7. I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride my bike
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride it where I like

    Go girls go

    Sounds like you are having an amazing adventure already

    Keep the pedals turning

    Kris x

  8. You are a star Kath. Can't believe you are doing this. Watch out for electric fences and possums.
    Lots of love, gran xx

  9. Kath, I could google it, but you will give me a very vivid description I know. . . . How big is a possum???!!!!!xxx

  10. Wowza you made it to the top! Congratulations! This Marty chap sounds a tad eccentric!

    Sounds like an amazing trip so far, despite the restless first night!! Electrocuted twice? Oh Kath, how do you manage these things?! :)

    Remember to keep pedaling!!