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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Trials and tribulations

Some days you can do over 200km and it be a walk in the park, other days after the first 30km you feel like throwing the towel in. But always, always keep going.

First things first, on our last blog we mentioned that Tee's stitches needed to be removed. Rather than wasting time, Tee convinced Kath that we could carry out our own DIY stitch removal! So, we managed to get hold of some scissors and with tweezers in hand, Kath cut the knot and we extracted the stitches :-0 Kath almost threw up a couple of times, but woo-hoo, we saved ourselves a couple of hours in a health centre and the job was done to perfection!

It's always a shivery start here in the South, until the sun comes out, which is great for a refreshing wake up call! The next thing we look forward to is a hot coffee somewhere en route after the first 20km or so. There are lots of gorgeous little tee shops with SOFA'S!!

Yesterday we made it to Christchurch - unbeknown to us as we stopped to ask directions, to hear the reply "you're already in Christchurch!"
We met with Leigh-Ann at Hubco (One of Kath's work contacts) to say a quick hello and introduce ourselves. It was a really nice stop (won't go into detail as will bore anyone unless they are into roof bars!) and a chance to have a break and another coffee :-)

Tee was also going to meet her friend in Christchurch, but unfortunately our times did not coincide - she looks forward to catching up with Stephen when he visits Oz this year :-)

We found ourselves searching for a campsite in Rolleston as time was ticking. WE took a quick pit stop to get some supplies, Kath asked the young boy at the checkout if there was a campsite in the town. He said he thought not, but turned to ask his colleage - who happened to be a lady from Yorkshire!!! Cheryl had a kind face and seemed eager to offer us a helping hand, she said the next campsite was about 40km away, but "I can help you out" she said. My eyes lit up, while Tee was still scanning the fruit isles. Cheryl said that she lives in Burnham (7km away) and has an olive grove that we would be welcome to pitch our tent in, and could use her home for a shower etc. An offer we could not refuse! So, last night we stayed amongst Cherly and Billy's olives, enjoying the company of their black lab, who seemed very interested in Kaths watermelon and Tee's salad!!  So, huge thank you to Cheryl and Billy for their unexpected and much appreciated hospitality. They have also sponsored us. Good people. Cheryl- if you are on Facebook, please add us.

We bid farewell to the olives a little later than expected as we hadn't set alarms that night, so to conserve battery life of our phones (woke at 7.03am).
Headed south, hoping to take advantage of the relatively flat terrain, until BOOM...Puncture number 1 came along and put a spanner in the works of our rapid pace! Dammit! Anyway, we thought this was sorted after changing the innertube, but having set off again, the tyre rapidly fell flat once more.
Several hours and much persistance and help from passers by later, we got the problem sorted and had Tee back on the road!

This brings us to tonight, rolling into Timaru we had our routinely call into a supermarket for supplies, where a helpful man took an interest in our ride and informed us of a top 10 holiday park "just down the road"! Perfect. So here we sit, in an internet room, a few yards away from our cabin!
Both very tired tonight as it has been an arduous day, with trials and tribulations!

Night night all.
Much love K&T xxx


  1. Hi you two.Glad that you managed to save time without recourse to a Medical centre - I don't know whose braver - Tee for taking a chance on K's steady hand or K for controlling her natural aversion to being a nurse !!!
    It must give you a really good feeling when you meet so many generous hospitable people - and give you a lot of determination to keep going, through all your setbacks.
    It sounds like you're both tired, but you've broken the back of the journey now.
    Who knows what awaits you, on the rest of your adventure - you both deserve an easier time on the final few legs. Mentioning legs, Jay is still determined to measure the thighs of steel when K gets back. Ha ha.
    Enjoy your remaining days - love Ian xx

  2. Gosh, you have to travel all the way to NZ to meet a generous Yorkshire person!!! :-))) Well done on your kindness Cheryl and Billy.
    Still loving reading your blog; almost feeling the pain as I read about your endurance! I'm hurting from an hour in the gym so I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Let me know when you're ready for me to book your hotel when you've time for some luxury. Have a good sleep in your cabin. Is Tee a fruitarian?!!! Lots of Love Jayxxx

  3. Kath, I can remember a time, not so very long ago, when you thought that going anywhere near a 'gorgeous little tea shop' was very un-cool!!! How is the kiwi cuppa??!!! Sounds like those bikes are suffering from a little exhaustion, bit of tlc may be required. Take care of yourselves, almost there, lots of sun cream and be safe. Loveulots. PS check out the donation to the RSPCA on your sponsor page!!!xxxxxx

  4. Kath and Tegan, your family and friends must be so proud of you. I am and we only met you for 5 minutes!! At some time in our lives we have all been touched by cancer and for you to be so proactive and do something that will help to enhance someones life is admirable.
    I am now an avid 'stalker' on your blog and look forward to hearing you have reached the finish line!
    If you are ever over this way again call in. Would love to share a wine with you.
    Cheryl and Billy

  5. I always knew you were a determined young lady, but that was an understatement. I am amazed that you were involved in removal of Brave Tegan's stitches. You are incredible. You will soon reach your goal, take care and enjoy arrival. Love you, gran. xx

  6. Inspiring stuff girls. Amazing distances being covered day after day after day. You are machines!!! - Tee, all on bananas too - crazy!!!
    New skills being learnt too - Nurse Kath!?!
    Meeting some great people along the way, how kind of them to take you in and look after you so well - would that happen in the UK???
    I alway knew you'd do it but I can't believe you are going to complete this epic ride ahead of your insane schedule, Kath. Not far now, what will you do once you hit the finish in Bluff? You will have, what, 10 days to kill? Let me think, 2 girls in scenic New Zealand, with 2 bikes and great cycle routes.........!!! What do you think Tee, a few more km, just for fun??!?!!! I'm sure Kath would be willing!!!
    Love you Baby - You are stunning!
    xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

  7. Sunday 12th February 2012 - North-South NZ in just 14 days!!!!! Completed 07.06 GMT!!! What can I say? Girl power!!! Well done, amazing, fab, brilliant. You are stars, put your feet up now and celebrate . . . Wow!!! So proud of you both. Lots of Love xxxxxx